Chapel Revival

The Chapel on the hill has been seen by many traveling into and out of Marquette for decades. Built by hand from 1967-1970 by Sepp Hoedlmoser, the Austrian-Style Thanksgiving Chapel has served as a place for many to go for photographs, intimate wedding ceremonies, and a place of reflection.

The interior chapel walls showcase beautiful painted murals illuminated by the historic stained-glass windows. The wooden pews line the inside of the chapel allowing visitors to sit and ruminate.

Sadly, over the years, the chapel’s condition has experienced harsh weather, vandalism, and general lack of use. The bell no longer tolls and graffiti litters the side of the chapel.

For safety, the chapel keys were removed to keep resident’s, guests, and the chapel safe.

We are happy to announce that plans are in the work for the chapel to undergo improvements. These include a new roof, the graffiti removed, and windows repaired.

With these updates, the doors will be reopened for Harbor Vista resident’s once again in 2023 to enjoy the solitude and beauty of the chapel. Our hope is that it offers all that people seek, and the respect is given to the continuation of the preservation of this chapel.

As the quote on the outside of the chapel, left by Annmarie and Seppi, states,

We built a chapel on the hill

We reared it and left it there

For someone who is as much in need

As we were